Đề thi HSG lớp 9 năm 2010 - môn Tiếng anh

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Yến
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CÀ MAU NĂM HỌC 2009-2010

Môn thi: Tiếng Anh
Ngày thi: 04 – 04 – 2010
(Đề thi gồm có 7 trang) Thời gian: 150 phút (Không kể thời gian giao đề)

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Bằng chữ

Bằng số


PART I: (2.5 pts) Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) which best completes each sentence. Circle the letter you choose.

1. The mosquito bite my eyelid __________ and I couldn’t open my eye properly.
A. swell B. grow C. stretch D. spread
2. I suggest we _________ outside the cinema tomorrow at 8:30.
A. meeting B. meet C. met D. will meet
3. _______ playing professional basketball, she also enjoys tennis.
A. Besides B. Moreover C. Apart D. Together
4. The newspaper report contained _________ important information.
A. many B. another C. an D. a lot of
5. The meeting had to be put __________ until a late date.
A. away B. on C. off D. up
6. He had to leave early, _____________ he?
A. didn’t B. mustn’t C. hasn’t D. shouldn’t
7. I’ll show you around the city, when you ________ to visit me.
A. come B. are coming C. will come D. will be coming
8. These buses are _________ to run every 15 minutes, but I’ve been waiting here for 25 minutes already.
A. assumed B. promised C. presumed D. supposed
9. His eyes were _________ bad that he couldn’t read the number plate of the car in front.
A. such B. too C. so D. very
10. She can remember a time ________ cars were rarely seen in the village.
A. which B. that C. where D. when

PART II: (1.0 pt) Fill each gap in the passage with one suitable preposition.
Write your answers in the space provided under this passage.
People who are deprived of sleep lose energy and become quick-tempered. After two days (1)_____ sleep, a person finds that lengthy concentration becomes difficult. He can force himself to perform tasks well (2)_____ short periods, but he is easily distracted. He makes many mistakes especially (3)_____ routine tasks, and his attention slips (4)_____ times. Every “sleepless” person experiences periods (5)_____ which he dozes off for a few seconds or more. He completely falls asleep when he is kept active continuously.
Persons who go without sleep (6)_____ more than three days have great difficulty thinking, seeing, and hearing clearly. They have periods of hallucinations, during which they see things that do not really exist. They also confuse daydreams (7)_____ real life and lose track (8)_____ their thoughts in the middle of a sentence.

Your answers:
1 _______________________ 5 _______________________
2 _______________________ 6 _______________________
3 _______________________ 7 _______________________
4 _______________________ 8 _______________________

PART III: (2.0 pts) Supply the correct form of the VERBS in the brackets to complete the passage. Write your answers in the space provided under this passage.
Louis Armstrong, who (1. bear) in 1900 and (2. die) in 1971, was a very famous jazz musician and bandleader. He used to be known as ‘Satchmo’, and this nickname (3. stay) with him all his life. As a child in New Orleans, he learned to play the trumpet while he (4. live) on a special home for children who (5. get) into trouble with the police.
When Louis Armstrong (6. finish) his stay in the home, he joined various bands and then he formed his own. Between 1925 and 1928, he (7. make) about sixty records as the leader of two small groups (8. call) the hot Fives and Hot Sevens. These records made him one of the first solo stars in the history of popular music.

Your answers:
1 _______________________ 5 _______________________
2 _______________________ 6 _______________________
3 _______________________ 7 _______________________
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